tv drama agreement

in 2017, BECTU members were asked to vote on an agreement with PACT, for TV drama.  This covers all TV dramas from independent UK productions to big budget productions.

The agreement came into force on 1st December 2017, so any production where principal photography commences on or after this date, will be covered by the agreement.  One of the key things that this agreement covers, is transparency and clarity on rates and terms and conditions BEFORE work starts.  From 1st December onwards, anyone working on a TV drama should receive a deal memo in advance of their first day.  Other points include the following:

  • Overtime will be paid at T1.5, with a minimum of £35 paid.

  • Restrictions on clawbacks, there will be a limit on how much time can be clawed back.

  • Cap on 11-day fortnights

  • Double time will be paid for a 7th day

  • There will be a limit on the use of the grace period. No more than two grace periods in one week.

  • There is a disputes and resolution procedure included in the agreement.

  • In addition, the agreement will be reviewed regularly, so that improvements can be made in the future.

download the full agreement here