What’s coming up?

Have Your Say 2…Saturday 19th January 2019, 11am at Bectu HQ in Clapham.

Following on from our Have Your Say meeting last November, it was made clear that workroom crew don't feel that the Pact/Bectu film agreement properly acknowledges or represents current working practices. We are calling this follow up meeting to discuss negotiating a contract for workshops that is separate from the current "one size fits all" contract, which is heavily biased towards shooting crew.  Please attend, if you can, as it is important to cover any and all changes that you would like to see made. This may not be your point of view, you may not want a separate contract, in which case, it is equally important to make your views known.  If you are unable to attend but would still like to have your view represented, please email us any thoughts that you have about this.