Click on the image above to see our 2019 rate card. It covers all TV and Film budget bands, and all grades within these bands.


The difference between the starting rate and the recommended rate is to allow for an individual’s level of experience. Whilst we believe that the starting rate is the MINIMUM that anyone should accept for a particular grade, a more experienced crew member should be aiming for higher.

These rates are based on information gathered over the last 18 months, via our rates survey and further research conducted since. All the rates on the rate card have been achieved at some point in the very recent past so they are not unattainable. We strongly urge all of our members to aim for these rates. Should anyone exceed the rates stated, we would love to hear about it so that we can bear it in mind for future reviews.

The next rate card review will be in 2020.


Unless expressly stated, all BECTU ratecards are rates that have been recommended by the relevant BECTU branch to their members. Neither the PACT TV Drama agreement (effective Dec 2017) or the Major Motion Picture Agreement (effective April 2018) currently have agreed rates. It has come to BECTU’s attention that some productions, and some members have mistakenly concluded that the BECTU ratecards are agreed BECTU/Pact rates. This is not currently the case.